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Tamraway™ Healing
~ For Total Wellbeing
Natural Healing Trends

For powerful healing sessions to re-vitalize your whole being. Gain clarity and focus, live without stress and mood swings; know what it feels like to live in the moment, joyfully, happily, peacefully, in healthy relationships and untangled from the drama that surrounds you. 

Tamraway™ Healing For Total Wellbeing is also for individuals who are suffering from chronic ailments (Cancer, Asthma, Crohn, Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Sickle Cell Anemia, etc).  People have seen Tamraway™ Healing bring tremendous relief back into their lives along with peace, balance and serenity.

Tamraway™ Healing 
~ For Special Needs Children
Natural Healing Trends

A powerful well-being healing sessions for families with Special Needs Children (ADD, ADHD, Autism, PTSD, Learning Disability). Know how universal healing energy plays an important role in children’s development and how Tamraway™ Healing can help children overcome their unique challenges to become brilliant and live their true potential. It also helps children to blossom into their true self and live a happy, serene and connected life. 

Tamraway™ Healing 
~ For Opulence
Natural Healing Trends

Bring greater Success, Abundance, Prosperity & Balance in your life!

If you are always striving and struggling to achieve your goals and dreams then this opulence sessions are for you! This healing helps to unlock the hidden realms within us for the energy of  growth, progress, clarity, creativity, focus, and love to flow divinely and effortlessly within ourselves.

Tamraway™ Healing For Opulence not only addresses financial/materialistic abundance but also abundance in all aspects of your life – emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.

Tamraway™ Healing 
~ For Mental Health
Natural Healing Trends

A unique healing method for “Mental Wellness”.  For individuals who have Mental Health challenges including emotional and psychological challenges (Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Phobias, PTSD, etc.), Tamraway™ Healing can bring tremendous relief and positive impact in your lives through universal energy. 

Tamraway™ Healing
~ For Soul Path
Natural Healing Trends

Reconnect with your true being and live your Divine Life Purpose!

Tamraway™ Healing for Soul Path sessions helps you to connect to your deeper core self and surround yourself with the necessary energy to bring out your Divine Life Purpose. It will help you to unlock your soul path to nurture, nourish, live a deeply fulfilling and purposeful life – all while connected to the Divine energy. 

Tamra Fortune Home™

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Thanks a lot for the amazing sessions. I feel completely relaxed with no tensions or stress and a lot of positivity coming from inside. Since the session I have been feeling very calm, composed in my thoughts and actions, at peace with my body and soul and be in moment of ecstasy. I am also grateful for all the explanations you have given me, which helps me understand the importance of a stress free life and all the negative energies around our world and the need to remove them from the body.


My Love and Gratitude to the Creator, to Rajeev and his family. I feel more at ease, peaceful, calm and totally transformed and relaxed in my life than “EVER BEFORE”. During the healing session, I had out of body experiences twice. Wow it was awesome. I also experienced Creator’s Unconditional Love, a world of total Peace, Calmness, and saw the golden and pure light which I was taken to. Today, even after 14 days, I am so much relaxed, calm, peaceful, and my connection with myself and divine is stronger than ever before. Now, I enjoy everything I do and love what I do in total peace and relaxation. I never knew this was possible before. Thank you so much Rajeev!


Ever since I had sessions with Rajeev, I have been living a transformed life. Today is one of the many consecutive Saturdays that I woke up feeling happy and grateful for a great week I had. The healing sessions, not only boosted my self-confidence but also brought me closer to my divine self. People who used to think low of me, have started singing praises of me everywhere – something I never thought possible in this lifetime. I learned how simple it can be to invite abundance in everything. I am filled with tears of gratitude towards Rajeev as I am steadily making progress in every sphere of my life. I am forever grateful to the Creator for bringing you in my life.