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My name is Rajeev Ahluwalia {Founder of Natural Healing Trends} and I grew up in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. I have been intuitive since the age of 1Natural Healing Trends7 but my spiritual journey began in 1997 when I met an Indian guru, who taught me how to read through subtle energies and utilize them for our benefits. This is how a whole new dimension of Energy of Creation opened to me. I then learned a modality of Healing Touch, and then stumbled upon the modality of ThetaHealing®, which was discovered by Vianna Stibal. When I dug deeper into ThetaHealing® modality and worked on myself, my Eczema in my lower legs, which was persistent for two years, completely healed. This really intrigued me to go deeper into this new modality. ThetaHealing® helped me discover issues that I did not know existed, since they were on the subconscious level and were also connected with my ancestors. I have worked with many clients, nationally and internationally {through Skype}, and found that they experienced amazing recoveries in just a few sessions {as little as in one session many a times}. What is unique about the ThetaHealing® meditative technique is the belief and feeling work, which makes this a very special and an effective healing modality. I am very thankful and happy to share this light with others. 

Natural Healing Trends LLC is founded on the core belief that when our mind, body, and spirit are in balance with the Creator's energy, everything is possible. We, at Natural Healing Trends, help you to unlock and achieve your true potential and soul's purpose, be happy and joyous in all aspects of life {health, career, relationships, wealth, and spiritual}, and empower you to become the Co-Creaor of You Life through personal sessions and classes. 

I am a certified ThetaHealing® Instructor for the following classes:
Basic ThetaHealing®
Advanced ThetaHealing®
Dig Deeper
Game of Life
Manifesting and Abundance
Plant Seminar
World Relations

and I hold ThetaHealing® Practitioner Certificate of the following seminars:
Basic ThetaHealing®
Advanced ThetaHealing®
Dig Deeper
Game of Life
Intuitive Anatomy
Manifesting and Abundance
Planes of Existence
Plant Seminar
Wealth Consciousness
World Relations

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Amazing Transformation

I am overflowing with the feeling of love for self and for all my loved ones. I am enjoying the calmness, peace, and silence. I noticed that after I had my first session, I am so calm, silent, and at peace even on moments I used to react earlier. I am overflowing with the feeling…

Sreedevi ~ India

Very Grateful

I really enjoyed the Basic ThetaHealing course and I am excited to take the Advanced. With some things I have to see it to believe it and must say that not only did I see it, I felt it, and I sensed it! It was a wonderful experience! Saturday night after class a friend…

Annie H.

Brilliant Light Energy Blooming with Divine Rejuvenations

I felt a lot of negative energy being released from my body. By the end of the session I felt very light and airy, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I could see my self doubt being sent down the drain and a beautiful energy, a brilliant…

Brianne Perez

Thank You

After our session and the meditation you taught me, I started to change myself and avoided changing others. I started loving myself more and being stable and happy in every situation and moment of my life. I accepted them all and everyone with love…

Sridevi ~ India

A Very Profound Healing Experience with Divine Rejuvenations

In the rejuvenations session, I felt an immense surge of energy emanating throughout my entire being while feeling as if I was being transported to higher dimensions. I immediately saw a bright white light. I knew this feeling right away. It was familiar; the creator’s…

Jarrod Walters

Still Feeling the Peace with Divine Rejuvenations

When Divine Rejuvenations session started, I closed my eyes and I was taken back to Wales/Ireland riding a horse through the meadow wearing full armor. My dragon then entered the scene and we began to fly through the crystalling grid. This was suddenly replaced…

Gary Hinebaugh


Rajeev has a very simple & humble personality, who connects to everyone easily. I was going through a lot in my life. I had a very stressful job, was unhappy in marriage, and had trauma in my personal life but he was very gentle in handling the issues and…

S. N.

Miraculous Gifts

I didn’t realize what miraculous gifts of healing that were about to transform my life through you and Theta Healing in literally all aspects of my life physically, mentally , emotionally and spiritually.And I was so intrigued that I wanted to do what you can do and have taken your classes…

Trish ~ Cleveland

I came to Rajeev through a common reference. He has such deep understanding that in just 30-35 minutes, he identified my root cause of problem and helped me to release my blocks, which was a big relief. Now after 2 weeks I see myself as a new person. Thank you.

Monica ~ India

Amazing Recovery

…He gave me healing session on the phone for 45-50 minutes for two days and I immediately noticed a big shift in my energy field. I was discharged from the hospital within 4 days after my healing sessions and I completely recovered from my condition…


Today I went back to see my hematologist and before that I was in the Lab few days ago to make/check my blood and iron. The result is that my hemoglobin is not low anymore –it is soo good after giving birth that never before! I remember when I was in pain on labor day I did use ThetaHealing….

Tunde R.

Feeling More Connected, Peaceful, and Centered

I am feeling more connected, more peaceful and more centered than anytime in my life. The feeling downloads in the Advanced DNA ThetaHealing class have opened things in me for new thoughts, opportunities and friends. I am deeply grateful and I am feeling…

Laura Wolf

Feeling Relieved

…At that point I started the difficult work of letting the people and things in my life take care of themselves without my immediate involvement. I am finding that everything works itself out when I stand back and stop trying to save people or be the “yes man” to them…

Tami E.

Miracle Healing

…So the question is still on Dr’s mind why I’m a anaemic from my birth??? I did not tell anything what the Creator did tell me. After attending Basic DNA class of yours & the work done regarding gene, I am now free from Sickle Cell problem. Thanks for every thing…

Tunde R.

Special Kids

My son is a special child and had many challenges in his life. When I met Rajeev in Kochi, India, he was so compassionate about my problem. In just 2 sessions my son got a big relief. Rajeev identified the core issues very well – that his condition was due to toxicity…

…Rajeev listened to me very carefully and then started digging in details of my life. He noticed that I had fear and anxiety since childhood. He gave ThetaHealing to me and in the first session my headache vanished and my fears melted away…

S. A. ~ Cleveland

…He identified correctly that my heart is broken due to an incident happened when I was in my late teens. After the first ThetaHealing session given by him, I had a tremendous relief and the pain which I have been going through, subsided…

Elanor S. ~ N.Y

Great Blessing

…I have noticed A calmness that was not there before as well as a confidence. The pressure in my brow 3 rd eye area is gone and has not come back. The most drastic change has been a total revisioning of my job and I took the first steps yesterday in presenting my idea to my employer…


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