Belief is a state of mind in which a person thinks or it is a mental representation of an attitude positively oriented towards the likelihood of something being true. Beliefs also create a certain way of thinking in our minds. Beliefs, once absorbed in our energy field, becomes representation of our subconscious mind. 

Natural Healing TrendsOur minds are mainly controlled by our subconscious beliefs, which is 88% of our mind's energy, and only 12% of our mind's energy work in a conscious way. Modern science have done some mapping of our brain and found that when we have positive thoughts, our mind gets energized, where as when we think negatively, it takes away or sucks our energy from us. One of many amazing discoveries I have seen in my ThetaHealing® practice is that many people also carry Dual Belief{s), such as,

"I love myself"
"I hate myself"

When you test these beliefs in an individual through the science of kinesiology, you come to know some alarming facts behind why they carry such beliefs. People keep having challenges in their lives because they carry certain beliefs, which attracts those kinds of energy towards them from the universe. 

Sometimes we unknowingly start believing in certain beliefs; may be due to circumstances or through group consciousness or through our ancestors. For example, people often come to me for their challenges in making enough money in their life. When we test, what negative beliefs they are carrying, most of them test positive on

"Money is the root of all evil on this planet."

In ThetaHealing®, we teach people how to identify their negative beliefs on Core level, History level, Genetic level, and Soul level individually and then replace them with the positive ones, thereby helping them to reach their fullest potential. Join me on June 17, 18, & 19, 2016 for Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Class and June 24, 25, & 26, 2016 for Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® Class at Rocky River, Ohio and learn how beliefs affect and rule our lives and how to remove negative beliefs and instill positive beliefs in yourself.

Natural Healing TrendsHealing works on all levels. I believe that every one on this planet has some special gifts through which they can impact this earth in a positive way. When we are growing up we experience many things in life, including some negative feelings, which gets embedded in our energy field. Thats why wise people always say that we should be very careful whom we spend our leisure time with, as during this time we sometimes go into deep relaxing mode and start absorbing these unpleasant energy of others and then unknowingly start attracting negativity towards us. 

The last time I attended a conference, what caught my attention was the amount of positivity in the room I experienced. It was unbelievable and when I contemplated on it, I realized that most of the individuals in the room were at their best self and were following their heart. This revealed that they were following their instincts and were very happy from inside, which reflected in their energy field and behavior with happiness exuberating all around them. It reminded me of a saying that "when our energies are in synchronization with our life's purpose then we truly perform at our fullest potential." Come and learn the Art of Being Your Best Self in ThetaHealing® Classes. 

Natural Healing TrendsEverything that happens in the universe starts with intention and it is the starting point of our dreams. The creative power of intention is that it fulfills everything in our life; be it love, relationships, spiritual awakening, or money. Intentions are like seeds. When we release our intentions, which are a direct impulse of our consciousness and leave it to the universe, it starts to grow and flourish. This is why ancient Indian sages often said to do simple practice of meditation daily and plant your intention immediately after meditation as your awareness remains centered in the quietness of all the possibilities. 

Intuition is a skill every individual can learn, develop, and master. Imagine what you would do with your life, if somehow, you already had a "gut feeling" about all the important decisions you were going to make. When you master the skill of intuition, imagine how easy it will be to make better choices and eliminate the possible problems before they hurt you in your life. It will help you to experience greater success, happiness, and more fulfillment in life while staying true to your soul's purpose. 

The real reason we are unable to make the right decisions in our life is due to the fact we are trying to please everyone rather than listening to our deeper self or Intuition. 

Manifestation - Just imagine for a moment that you can create your own reality; that you can get whatever you want in your life; that you can manifest anything. How wonderful would your life be?

Manifestation is simply a very powerful thought. A powerful projection(s) of our thoughts coming to fruition. Sometimes it is impossible to believe such a thing, especially when things are not going well for us, but we are responsible in some way for creating the reality around us.  

The key to manifestation is very simple: 

Thoughts Become Reality

In the universe, there is a law known as the Law of Creation, also known as the Law of Attraction. Now the question becomes how do we saturate our minds with thoughts that help us in activating the law of creation? The answer is by simply picturing the desired outcome in your mind. Sometimes we go into so much details of the functionality of the universe that we actually forget how to take help from the universe. This becomes so simple and easy once you understand how to tap into and use the Theta brainwave. Come and learn the art of creating the best intention, enhancing your intuition, and manifesting the best in your life in ThetaHealing® Classes. 

Natural Healing TrendsSuccess... the word itself is very intriguing. Some people are looking to succeed in their financial goals while others are looking for success in their relationships, emotions, and/or physicality. The word itself is very much loved by many and hated by many. One of the most important aspect of success is its Feeling, which many people lack. I like to take examples from ancient sciences and texts, which states that 

"for success to come into people's lives, one needs to balance the Four Pillars of Life." 

When were are balanced in our lives from Physical, Emotional, and Mental/Spiritual energies, then the fourth element, which is SUCCESS, is bound to manifest in our lives. When people are only manifesting for financial success, one has to be aware that our Sacral Chakra has to be active and in sync with other chakras of our energetic body. Another aspect of success is the Programs or Beliefs we carry in our morphic energy field. For example, if our subconscious (which we are usually unaware of) has the program/belief "the love for money is the root of all evil" then we will start to repell financial success in your lives unknowingly. People often forget that there is a difference in the energies of love and greed (for money). 

We at Natural Healing Trends help people to change their beliefs in their subconscious mind that are limiting them to live the life of their dreams. We teach people to access the Theta brainwave and change limiting beliefs to positive ones, which help them to accomplish success in their life in a conscious way. 

Natural Healing TrendsIn this day and age, people are more open to know about things happening in and around their lives scientifically. In 20th century, scientists researched a lot on DNA and found some amazing facts. Firstly, it carries all the information about ourselves on all four levels: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual and secondly, it is made up off different kind of sugar molecules. They also believed that only 10% of DNA in our body was useful. But ancient sages have always believed that "Nature never make mistakes. It has always worked for the benefit of the life on this planet." 

Now in the last 10 years, Russian scientist's have discovered that DNA responds to words and musical vibration well but they are surprised to find how meditation & Theta brainwave helps you to reprogram your DNA. Meditation using theta brainwave not only helps you to remove certain thoughts and beliefs stored in your subconscious programming but also help you to install new programming in a better and faster way. This new discovery is actually a very old one if we read the ancient texts of different cultures. Thousands of years ago these cultures mastered the art of reprogramming the DNA with positive vibration using theta brainwave by slowing down their mind. These cultures understood very well that "everything is made of universal energy and energy travels without time and space." 

At Natural Healing Trends we help people to access this brainwave and bring the most profound changes in their lives. Come and learn this art of tapping into the theta brainwave at the Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Class on April 29, 30, May 1, 2016 at Rocky River, Ohio.

Natural Healing TrendsSince ancient times, people believed that relationships play a very vital role in our lives. One of the main reasons we see relationships declining today is because of people's clouded outlook. In today's world, people pay more attention outwardly and they have forgotten about one very important being: Themselves. Life can be compared to pearl white light, which when looked at through naked eye, looks white, but indeed is made up of 7 different colors. Life is the same and relies on the same principle. Life is made of up multiple elements. A very healthy relationship will have the following 7 main ingredients: 

  • Simplicity
  • Peace
  • Truth
  • Love
  • Politness
  • Friendship 
  • and Ideal

Scientists believe that meditation not only brings calmness and clarity in people's lives but it also brings meaning to life. In this day and age, people are hardly left with any time to look inwardly at themselves; instead, we follow what is coming out through media more and totally disregard our Instincts.  

Remember: Life and Relationships are about EVOLUTION not perfection. 

In the last 20 years, I have observed that human beings' relationship with themselves has taken last priority and their entire attention is on how to have good relationships with others. This reminds me of a quote in the ancient Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita: 

"What I do not have within me, I am unable to give to others"

This simply means that when my relationship with myself does not have these 7 virtues of the peacock feather: Simplicity, Peaceful, Truthful, Loving, Politeness, Friendly, and Ideal, it will be challenging for me to have healthy relationships with others. 

All the 7 traits above are in energetic forms and if people have never experienced any one of them, it can be easily downloaded in them through Theta brainwave. At Natural Healing Trends we help people to access this brainwave and bring the most profound changes in their lives. To know how to access theta brainwave and learn to download these virtues, come and learn this art at the Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Class on April 29, 30, May 1, 2016 at Rocky River, Ohio.

Natural Healing TrendsEveryone reaches a point in life when they start to look for their true purpose in life. More and more people are in the quest for a meaningful life. Successful people who have enjoyed material comfort often conclude that it is no longer enough. Now they are seeking greater meaning in life. In a society where businesses undergo crisis - accounting scandals, market crash and subsequent downsizing, burnout, increased competition - calls out for a new ideology.

Spirituality and business did not co-exist before, but now, people are suffering by not being able to address spiritual part of themselves. Today, corporate leaders are beginning to understand that to succeed in a competitive global marketplace, they must figure out how to tap into the creativity and innovation within people. They have noticed, that people often work HARD but not WITH THEIR HEART and when leaders look closer, it is evident that business performance is largely affected by people's limiting beliefs. Thus, many corporations started sponsoring "spirit at work" and transforming their workplace to achieve positive results. 

  • Apple allow employees 30 mins yoga and meditation on site. 

  • Google does a program "Search Inside Yourself," which helped more than 500 employees in improving their mental health and well-being.

  • Many new start-up companies have incorporated meditation and yoga to help their employees synchronize their energies for creativity and positive results. 

But how does one work with their heart rather than simply working hard? ThetaHealing® can help! At Natural Healing Trends, we teach ThetaHealing® techniques, which enhances creativity, decision making ability, productivity, responsibility, reflection & self-esteem, showing outcome in higher employee satisfaction, lower stress, better relationship at work, and lower turnover rates. Furthermore, we help create business strategies that are the highest and best for all constituencies including employees, customers, suppliers, and community, in turn enhancing growth, sustainability, and financial strength. 

Natural Healing TrendsWhenever we are sick, we often times think it is because of something we ate, a change in weather, or perhaps simply "caught" the cold/flu from our suroundings. We rarely see beyond the physiological symptoms. However, the truth is that sickness is the physical manifestation of some emotional imbalance within our body. Many times, unbeknownst to us, we invite our own sickness(s). There could be wide variety of reasons for the sickness to fall upon us. It could be due to lack of love and acceptance of the self and the body or lack of forgiveness - either forgiving ourself or others. The outward symptoms in our body that we see and/or experience is simply the physical manifestation of imbalances that are deep within us. 
    You may have heard the saying, "think positive thoughts and good things will happen." This is because all our thoughts, actions, and words, either consciously or otherwise, gets stored inside our subconscious mind, which is in a constant interaction with our pineal gland in our brain. Depending on the nature of our thought, instructions are sent by the pineal gland to the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. These are the control centers of each cell and organ of our body. Once they receive instructions from the pineal gland, they send out chemical and electrical messages to different parts of our body to act in a certain manner. Negative thoughts create an imbalance while positive thoughts bring about balance and good health. Thus the saying, think positive and you shall receive positive results. Remember, a human mind is a very powerful tool and holds the power to bring our thoughts and words in to reality.

Natural Healing TrendsUNLOCK ABUNDANCE In Your Lives...

Everyone is aware that we are the product of our environment, experiences, and the beliefs we carry in our lives. Beliefs can be at the genetic level, core level, history level, or at the soul level. Ancient sages and modern scientists believe that things happen to us only because we invite them into our lives, consciously and/or unconsciously. 

In the last 50 years, major research has been done in the field of energy healing or the power of life force. Different studies have shown that people, who have brought more synchronization of their mind-body-soul, have lived a more fulfilling life in every aspect. 

In the last few years, I have seen unique patterns while helping people in my practice as a ThetaHealer®. One of my clients believed that he had great potential to bring more achievements to his life, but he always felt stuck. When I conducted ThetaHealing® sessions on his core team members, I discovered that his business performance was largely affected by their limiting beliefs. Once these limiting beliefs were changed, a major performance improvement was seen in the business, health, and personal aspects of my client's life within a short period of time. So take control of your life now by manifesting your dreams into reality!

Natural Healing TrendsRelationships can be joyous and blissful. But in order to achieve that state it is very important to relieve few things from within so you can let new feelings and energy flow inside you. Learn the secrets to transforming the challenges and creating more joy in your life. Clearing blocks is the first step in achieving abundance of joy and attaining what you want. To have a blissful relations, you need to clear the 3 R's - Regret, Resentment, and Rejection.

88% of our brain's energy is locked due to having any Regret, Resentment, and/or Rejection in our lives.

Regret: People are often unable to move past our society-taught thoughts of "I should have/could have done..." In many cases, these emotions or feelings cause a fear of moving forward because we are afraid to experience these failures again. It is important to move forward in life and avoid dwelling on past incidents.  

Resentment: It is human nature to compare, recognize, and many times want what other people have in the way of abundance. But we must avoid resenting others, as it will only create a stagnant life for yourself. Instead, focus inward and make a conscious effort to forgive and move ahead so you can focus on your own goals. Also thank others for showing the possibilities of what you can have. 

Rejection: Rejection can influence a person for most of their life. The fear of rejection can cause a person to fail before they even start something and sabotage themselves in everything they do. Scientific evidence shows that people faced with rejection are prone to developing diabetes in-spite of living a normal life. So, make the best effort to forgive yourself for your shortcomings and failures. It is very important to forgive yourself in order to move ahead in life and to achieve success and abundance.

Recently, a CEO client of mine came to me for ThetaHealing® session. He told me that somehow the results he wanted in both business and in relationships was not happening. During the session we discovered that he had been holding these 3 R's for a very long time. After his ThetaHealing® session on the 3 R's, within 2 months the opportunities he received surprised even him. His relationships became wonderful and he is experiencing happiness, joy, peace, and abundance in his life like never before. 

This season let us work together on clearing the 3 R's of life. ThetaHealing® can help clear these and other subconscious blocks so you can take the first step forward creating the things you desire in your life!


The spark is back and to stay forever!!!

Over a week after the first session i noticed that the impact of the healing was more. I could sense my emotional blocks melt away and more clarity in life. I started to feel the acceptance and love for myself for the way I am emotional & physically and towards the relationships in my married life 🙂 which makes me feel really blessed for getting this chance to experience the power of ThetaHealing…


l felt relaxed and weightlessness during the session

Sir, thank you for this amazing session. l felt relaxed and weightlessness during the session, which I have never experienced before. I feel very light in my mind and body now. Thank you!


The feeling of weightlessness was amazing

This was my second free session and I had a different experience this time. I felt sleepy..There was a small punch (pulse) on my back side of left shoulder for a small period. When I touched my face i have feeling that I didn’t have my hands there. The feeling of weightlessness was amazing…


I felt that as if I was taking energy into my body

I had very surprising vibrations coming into my body during the session. First my right hand began to vibrate. Then felt like both hands lifted up and down slightly. I felt that as if I was taking energy into my body. Even after 40 minutes of the session this vibration continued in my legs and head. Several times I inhaled and exhaled out while still feeling the pulsation…


A unique experience for me

When the session started, I was chanting the same text you have messaged me and I was feeling some type of current (electricity) passing through my body. By 10.30pm only I opened my eyes. I was feeling very sleepy. I had a deep sleep after that. It was a unique experience for me…


I felt so powerful and energetic

Seriously.. some sought of vibration went inside my body and I was pulsating. My hands were moving on its own.. really amazing.. and I felt so powerful and energetic. Thank you so much sir. I am confident that this session would definitely help me cure eczema under my legs…


Wish to have more such sessions

It was so relaxing for me. At one stage I saw the blue lotus and the “vishwaroopam” of Lord Vishnu. Today in between the session I experienced a special healing there in the portion (like a massage) and experienced healing of root chakra. I feel very much comfortable after that. Wish To have more such sessions…


Crohn’s Gone!

I am extremely thankful to Rajeev for giving me the opportunity to heal, alleviate, and transform myself to the person I am today. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 2 years ago.Each session I had with Rajeev was profound and today I am so happy to tell others that my Crohn’s is gone! Truly a relief! I believe the sessions has greatly improved my stress levels and allowed me to communicate to create better relationships with my family and colleagues.

Abigail ~ Cleveland

Miraculous Gifts

I didn’t realize what miraculous gifts of healing that were about to transform my life through you and Theta Healing in literally all aspects of my life physically, mentally , emotionally and spiritually.And I was so intrigued that I wanted to do what you can do and have taken your classes…

Trish ~ Cleveland

Amazing Transformation

I am overflowing with the feeling of love for self and for all my loved ones. I am enjoying the calmness, peace, and silence. I noticed that after I had my first session, I am so calm, silent, and at peace even on moments I used to react earlier. I am overflowing with the feeling…

Sreedevi ~ India

Brilliant Light Energy Blooming with Divine Rejuvenations

I felt a lot of negative energy being released from my body. By the end of the session I felt very light and airy, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I could see my self doubt being sent down the drain and a beautiful energy, a brilliant…

Brianne Perez

Still Feeling the Peace with Divine Rejuvenations

When Divine Rejuvenations session started, I closed my eyes and I was taken back to Wales/Ireland riding a horse through the meadow wearing full armor. My dragon then entered the scene and we began to fly through the crystalling grid. This was suddenly replaced…

Gary Hinebaugh

A Very Profound Healing Experience with Divine Rejuvenations

In the rejuvenations session, I felt an immense surge of energy emanating throughout my entire being while feeling as if I was being transported to higher dimensions. I immediately saw a bright white light. I knew this feeling right away. It was familiar; the creator’s…

Jarrod Walters

Feeling More Connected, Peaceful, and Centered

I am feeling more connected, more peaceful and more centered than anytime in my life. The feeling downloads in the Advanced DNA ThetaHealing class have opened things in me for new thoughts, opportunities and friends. I am deeply grateful and I am feeling…

Laura Wolf

Very Grateful

I really enjoyed the Basic ThetaHealing course and I am excited to take the Advanced. With some things I have to see it to believe it and must say that not only did I see it, I felt it, and I sensed it! It was a wonderful experience! Saturday night after class a friend…

Annie H.

Thank You

After our session and the meditation you taught me, I started to change myself and avoided changing others. I started loving myself more and being stable and happy in every situation and moment of my life. I accepted them all and everyone with love…

Sridevi ~ India

Special Kids

My son is a special child and had many challenges in his life. When I met Rajeev in Kochi, India, he was so compassionate about my problem. In just 2 sessions my son got a big relief. Rajeev identified the core issues very well – that his condition was due to toxicity…


Rajeev has a very simple & humble personality, who connects to everyone easily. I was going through a lot in my life. I had a very stressful job, was unhappy in marriage, and had trauma in my personal life but he was very gentle in handling the issues and…

S. N.

I came to Rajeev through a common reference. He has such deep understanding that in just 30-35 minutes, he identified my root cause of problem and helped me to release my blocks, which was a big relief. Now after 2 weeks I see myself as a new person. Thank you.

Monica ~ India

Amazing Recovery

…He gave me healing session on the phone for 45-50 minutes for two days and I immediately noticed a big shift in my energy field. I was discharged from the hospital within 4 days after my healing sessions and I completely recovered from my condition…


Miracle Healing

…So the question is still on Dr’s mind why I’m a anaemic from my birth??? I did not tell anything what the Creator did tell me. After attending Basic DNA class of yours & the work done regarding gene, I am now free from Sickle Cell problem. Thanks for every thing…

Tunde R.

…He identified correctly that my heart is broken due to an incident happened when I was in my late teens. After the first ThetaHealing session given by him, I had a tremendous relief and the pain which I have been going through, subsided…

Elanor S. ~ N.Y

…Rajeev listened to me very carefully and then started digging in details of my life. He noticed that I had fear and anxiety since childhood. He gave ThetaHealing to me and in the first session my headache vanished and my fears melted away…

S. A. ~ Cleveland

Great Blessing

…I have noticed A calmness that was not there before as well as a confidence. The pressure in my brow 3 rd eye area is gone and has not come back. The most drastic change has been a total revisioning of my job and I took the first steps yesterday in presenting my idea to my employer…


Feeling Relieved

…At that point I started the difficult work of letting the people and things in my life take care of themselves without my immediate involvement. I am finding that everything works itself out when I stand back and stop trying to save people or be the “yes man” to them…

Tami E.

Today I went back to see my hematologist and before that I was in the Lab few days ago to make/check my blood and iron. The result is that my hemoglobin is not low anymore –it is soo good after giving birth that never before! I remember when I was in pain on labor day I did use ThetaHealing….

Tunde R.

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