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A Powerful Wellbeing Program Specifically Designed for Families with Special Needs Children

Welcome to the Mind & Body Miracle Program! We are sure you and your family will benefit tremendously from this program.

The program is designed for children who have learning & focusing difficulties and disabilities (i.e. ADD, ADHD), ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Asperger Syndrome, speech impairment, difficulty in communication and expression. This program also helps children whose brain/body may be off kilter (balance), or it may seem at times aspects of their nervous system aren’t fully or properly connected. Our goal is to bring about the emergence of the Connected Child. The healing techniques we use restore, rejuvenate and reconnect the mind and body.

Mind & Body Miracle Program

Mind & Body Miracle Program utilizes several powerful energetic methods designed to open energetic pathways, connect the mind and body, and change beliefs and messages being sent and received. By removing and replacing enough unhelpful or negative patterns and thoughts with positive beliefs and feelings, cells respond to the positive energy enabling healing to occur and mind/body connections to strengthen. Just as we have our own personal interconnection, we are also affected by our connections to our surroundings and others. Understanding this concept assists us in changing habitual behaviors, healing our minds, strengthening our bodies and connecting us spiritually.

To assist in these changes, practitioners use energy techniques to re-pattern and re-align the body, which includes resolving stress, fears and traumas; restoring balance of organs and systems; heightening positive feelings; improving clarity, concentration, and focus; and releasing energy blocks to experience deep relaxation. Through energy sessions we improve a person’s well-being and re-introduce him/her to what it feels like to live without negative patterns like stress, fears, anxiety, struggles, and other energies to which they have become accustomed.

As a medical intuitive and an energy practitioner expert, Rajeev is easily able to identify these negative subconscious patterns, which are causing challenges in your life. He then re-programs these negative patterns to positive ones, helping you live a fulfilling, purposeful and an abundant life.

Connection of Mind and Body

Energy patterns apply to Natural Healing Trendseverything in our lives – be it health, happiness, relationships, love, money, wealth, career, etc. Our body consists of more than just matter or cells running around with autonomic responses, communicating like a ‘biological machine.’ The brain is our master computer, responsible for storing (beliefs/programs/patterns) information. The nervous system sends electrical messages throughout our bodies. These electrical messages can be generated by our feelings and emotions. Feelings, emotions, beliefs and programs influence how we behave, and dramatically affect the body’s well-being, even on a cellular level. The cells are very aware of the environment both inside and outside the body, and have individual intelligence, while remaining connected to the whole.

Every belief and emotion we have can change our physiology, energy level, biochemistry and state of mind. Likewise, changing physiology and old patterns can help alter how we feel. The mind and body are intimately connected and affect each other. Thus, by releasing negative/un-helpful patterns from your mind and introducing positive ones, your body’s vibration changes, triggering the body’s ability to be receptive to self-healing.

Keep in mind everything in the universe is made up of energy and every type of energy has a distinct vibration. Our environment and the people around us affect us as much as our own personal beliefs, feelings and thoughts. Positive vibrations beget positive outcomes and negative vibrations bring about more negativity. And with negative energy being slow and heavy, it takes more time and effort to turn it positive.

Remember: Positive Belief + Positive Feeling = Positive Results
                    Negative Feeling + Positive Belief = Negative Results

Our Clients Are Saying

Working with Rajeev for the past few months has been so transformative in my life and my families. I originally began to help my oldest son with Autism and Epilepsy, but had no idea how much our whole family would benefit. I had tried everything medically recommended and all the traditional therapies and everything just remained status quo. When Rajeev began to help me release trapped energies from life times ago, everything changed. My son began reading (age 7) and had better control of emotions at home and at school. He started asking questions and have small reciprocal conversations (A VERY BIG DEAL)!!! Our whole family began to feel better and engaged with one another in more loving and supportive ways. The change is real and big. And so much more to come.


The energy healing is really a Miracle!!! The real miracle is that now my daughter is thinking logically, which was at a very low level before the session.. The language, the explaining capacity, also is really stunning me. Yes, she has at last overcome the hurdle which she was facing for expressing what she actually wants to. Her curiosity level is very high that she started asking many valid questions and doubts…

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Geetha P.

With the Mind & Body Miracle Program I was transformed to a new person with an inner vision. I realized that my love was only conditional that creates so many collisions and problems in life. Results are only mental agony, tension, unhappiness etc. Now I am so happy than ever before. No tension, no stress, no strain, no anger, no hate. How weightless now I am!!! I feel happiness all times that..

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Geetha P.

Sir, I see the following changes after just one session with you. Today I could focus on my work far better, fatigue was missing and more enthusiastic in approach. Unwanted fear which I was having earlier is not there now. Obligation part also has reduced considerably. Office colleagues also understands my difficulties and co-operating better. Unwanted anxieties also reduced. Sir, Thank You Very Much with gratitude. Thank you.


Thanks a lot for the amazing sessions. I feel completely relaxed with no tensions or stress and a lot of positivity coming from inside. Since the session I have been feeling very calm, composed in my thoughts and actions, at peace with my body and soul and be in moment of ecstasy. I am also grateful for all the explanations you have given me, which helps me understand the importance of a stress free life and all the negative energies around our world and the need to remove them from the body.