Natural Healing Trends
Program Structure

This program takes a total of 6 sessions to complete. Sessions will be conducted over a period of three weeks (two sessions per week) and each session will last for two hours. All sessions are conducted via a parent or guardian and every participant (child, mother and/or father) receives the maximum benefit from this program.

**We highly recommend to complete the program within the number of weeks mentioned above to receive maximum benefit.** 

Why is parent(s) participation important in our program?

Children are very sensitive to energetic patterns aroundNatural Healing Trends them, and absorb energies easily, especially from the ages of 0-14 years of age. The majority of the time, children are deeply connected energetically to their parent (mainly their mother) or legal guardian. Consequently, any stressful or traumatic situation faced by a parent(s) has a direct impact on the child, even if the child is in the womb. In our Mind & Body Miracle Program, we have found that by changing a parent’s un-helpful and negative patterns to positive ones, the child begins to blossom as challenges fade away. This is due to the energetic connection with DNA and constant close proximity of the growing, changing child.

**Unique circumstances – we understand there may be special circumstances, such as you have two special needs children; the father of the child, who was reluctant earlier, wants to join in after you have started the program; OR you are not the biological parent(s) of your special needs child. If this is the case, you can still participate in this program; please contact Rajeev Ahluwalia or Ann Vickers for more information.

Energy Techniques

We primarily use the following energy method to bring about positive changes in an individual. We use this particular technique because of its power and ability to transform lives as seen with so many of our clients. 

ThetaHealing® is a Natural Healing Trendspowerful meditation technique that uses the universal energy to produce physical and emotional wellbeing. It is a training method for your mind, body, and spirit that allows you to clear limiting patterns (negative, painful, traumatic and unhelpful beliefs) stored in your subconscious mind; and replace with positive thoughts, patterns and behaviors, while re-aligning our minds and bodies.

How It Works?

You sit with a practitioner who guides you into a deep relaxed state. Probative questions will be asked. Based on your responses, a process referred to as energy testing may be applied. Energy testing assists by honing in on limiting patterns and beliefs you are holding at your subconscious level. Once limiting patterns are discovered, the practitioner will ask your permission to change them to positive ones.

There is a chance these sessions may go slightly longer. Thus, we request you block 2.5 hours for these sessions.

Note: Practitioner may recommend additional tools to help you and your child. It is purely your choice to take the advice or not. Those who have followed the practitioner’s advice as meticulously as possible are truly living a transformed life.

How Energy Sessions are Conducted

Energy sessions are conducted remotely, utilizing Zoom (free software program for video chat). For those unable to use Zoom, the phone will be used. For those near a practitioner of this program, in-person sessions are also available.  

*Note – Energy travels without time and space constraint so, both in-person and remote sessions provide the same results.