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The spark is back and to stay forever!!!

I am a positive bubbly person. At least that is the way I wanted to be (for self and others) – A happy soul, very understanding and helpful, dedicated and caring. These are the compliments I received from the people around me. “Keep or make others happy then you will be happy” –  I had heard this since childhood. Without knowing or understanding whether I’m actually happy I followed this mantra all my life until I delivered my baby and received the initial healing, Which opened my eyes towards my inner self and the real me (unhappy me within and happy me outside).

I had reached a stage in my life where irrespective of all the positive affirmations I said consciously on a daily basis there was some hiccup to move ahead in life emotionally or continue what I was doing systematically on a daily basis. Be it saying my affirmations/yoga or walk/ connect with creator. Life seemed stagnant and monotonous with daily chores and self. No aim in life. The best part was I was aware of this and wanted to move ahead and bring back the spark in my life.Though everybody liked and appreciated me for what I am and how I think behave and care for others, I was not liking myself.
This realization of not liking myself for the way I am used to dawn upon me once a month in the form of mood off / feeling low and I end up crying for reasons unknown. Feeling better each time I cried. I felt this was normal until I started analyzing why this pattern happened. After my delivery I felt even more washed out mentally and physically with  frequent emotional outbursts.
I have experienced the healing power of pranic and reiki and underwent counseling too in various stages of my life. Would definitely feel better and sorted then and there or a little later. But would feel things were just a little better than before.
This was when I was introduced to Mr. Rajeev Ahluwalia through my mother. Initially didn’t have any faith in it as I have gone through different healing sessions which had impacts only for a few months or so. Hence thought to give this one too a try and my life one more opportunity. With the thought that am going to receive a healing session and with faith in what am receiving because that is when & only when any healing would work for you. “Faith and trust that this healing is gonna work wonders for you”. I felt light and calm as I have experienced in other healing sessions.

I wanted to be in that state forever. In fact I am:) It has been 5 months after my healing sessions started. Over a week after the first session i noticed that the impact of the healing was more. I started accepting the real me whom I was avoiding all these years. I could sense myself emotionally stronger and calmer. Above all I felt the continuity & stability in whatever I was doing. Continuous connection with my inner self and with the creator. I even started experiencing the uninterrupted flow of creator’s love.
Could sense my emotional blocks melt away and more clarity in life. I started to feel the acceptance and love for myself for the way I am emotional & physically and towards the relationships in my married life 🙂 which makes me feel really blessed for getting this chance to experience the power of ThetaHealing.

So.. the spark is back and to stay forever!!! 🙂


l felt relaxed and weightlessness during the session

Sir, thank you for this amazing session. l felt relaxed and weightlessness during the session, which I have never experienced before. I feel very light in my mind and body now. Thank you!


The feeling of weightlessness was amazing

Rajeev Sir,
This was my second free session and I had a different experience this time. I felt sleepy and external disturbance was there. So I woke up just before 10 pm. I saw your message then I again continued with the session. There was a small punch (pulse) on my back side of left shoulder for a small period.
When I touched my face i have feeling that I didn’t have my hands there. The feeling of weightlessness was amazing.

Thank you sir.


I felt that as if I was taking energy into my body

Dear Sir,
I had very surprising vibrations coming into my body during the session. First my right hand began to vibrate. Then felt like both hands lifted up and down slightly. I felt that as if I was taking energy into my body. Even after 40 minutes of the session this vibration continued in my legs and head. Several times I inhaled and exhaled out while still feeling the pulsation. It was an amazing and a very unique experience for me. Thank you sir for this session.


A unique experience for me

Hi Rajeev sir, for the first time I was attending the healing session in my life. And I am not sure on what type of feeling we will get when we attend such sessions. When the session started, I was chanting the same text you have messaged me and I was feeling some type of current (electricity) passing through my body. By 10.30pm only I opened my eyes. I was feeling very sleepy. I had a deep sleep after that. It was a unique experience for me. Thank you sir.


I felt so powerful and energetic

Seriously.. some sought of vibration went inside my body and I was pulsating. My hands were moving on its own.. really amazing.. and I felt so powerful and energetic. Thank you so much sir. I am confident that this session would definitely help me cure eczema under my legs.


Wish to have more such sessions

Sir ,
It was so relaxing for me. At one stage I saw the blue lotus and the “viswaroopam” of Lord Vishnu.
I had a special experience in between. I had suffered Inter Vertebral Disc Prolapse (IVDP) for the disc in between 4th and 5th Lumbar vertebra about 11 years ago. Even though I had recovered from that, I was feeling restless on thinking about it and sometimes feels uneasy .
Today in between the session I experienced a special healing there in the portion (like a massage ) and experienced healing of root chakra.
I feel very much comfortable after that. Wish To have more such sessions. This session also taught me how to find time for myself.

Thanks a ton, with gratitude.


Crohn’s Gone!

I am extremely thankful to Rajeev for giving me the opportunity to heal, alleviate, and transform myself to the person I am today. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 2 years ago. Since medically there is no cure, I have been suffering from it since the time I was diagnosed. I am a working woman, which made things all the more difficult. I tried everything possible, but nothing was effective. My friend suggested Rajeev’s services and I immediately reached out to him. Each session I had with Rajeev was profound and today I am so happy to tell others that my Crohn’s is gone! Truly a relief! I believe the sessions has greatly improved my stress levels and allowed me to communicate to create better relationships with my family and colleagues. I am able to relax more and rid myself of stress from my life. These sessions have added more values to my life such as peace, forgiveness, letting go of sadness, and helped me to understand my purpose in life. I also feel more energized, happier and harmonized as well as more patient and accepting things more easily into my life. I am also sleeping better and peacefully now. I truly thank Rajeev for impacting in my life.

Abigail ~ Cleveland

Miraculous Gifts

Less than 10 months ago I didn’t realize what miraculous gifts of healing that were about to transform my life through you and Theta Healing in literally all aspects of my life physically, mentally , emotionally and spiritually. As you know when we first met I was desperately suffering with vertigo, back pain, anxiety and extreme emotional distress to name just a few of the symptoms. At the time I was skeptical of what could be done to help me because I was already seeking help from Medical Doctors, Acupuncture, Chiropractors, Physical Therapist and the top Holistic Doctor in the area – not to mention a countertop full of vitamins and supplements. Even though the bank account was low I have two kids and I NEEDED help! I am blessed to say you have helped me when no one else could. The vertigo and anxiety are gone! And I was so intrigued that I wanted to do what you can do and have taken your classes-best money I have EVER spent. Thanks for helping me create a life of health, joy, direction and fulfillment!

Infinite Love and gratitude to you!

Trish ~ Cleveland

Amazing Transformation

I received two Long Distance Healing sessions {one ThetaHealing & one Divine Rejuvenations} from Rajeev and each one was phenomenal, apt for that time. The healing helped me release my unnecessary obligations, especially from my dear ones. I am overflowing with the feeling of love for self and for all my loved ones. I am enjoying the calmness, peace, and silence. I noticed that after I had my first session, I am so calm, silent, and at peace even on moments I used to react earlier. I too am Amazed and unable to believe the Transformation I went through. It’s Unbelievable and Amazing. I feel great that it all feels unbelievable at times. Rajeev, you are a divine soul. I learnt to look at life with a different perspective and this transformation is amazing. I really wish people will receive your healings. One has to receive your healing to know and experience this transformation. I have also experienced the Creator’s love – it is the highest best and unconditional, rest all love has conditions. Also I did my homework – I repeated the affirmations you mentioned to me with a lot of Love and Gratitude. Rajeev, your healing helped me to love all things through the Creator. Friends, please experience this healing, it’s highly transformational. Also learn to meditate because when we pray to the Creator we are talking to him but when we meditate, the Creator talks to us. Once you decide to change, everything comes to you. Thats how I got this golden opportunity of healing from Rajeev. Wishing you and your dear ones the best of everything in life. Love and Gratitude.

Sreedevi ~ India

A Very Profound Healing Experience with Divine Rejuvenations

In the rejuvenations session, I felt an immense surge of energy emanating throughout my entire being while feeling as if I was being transported to higher dimensions. I immediately saw a bright white light. I knew this feeling right away. It was familiar; the creator’s light, filled with emotion and unconditional love! Complete peace and solace. The pulsations of energy continued to tingle through my hands up my arms. I felt as if my heart changed its rhythm, deepening, along with my breath. Periodically various “shapes” floated around my head space. I can only attribute these images to being sacred geometry. Various colors swirled into my consciousness throughout the session as well. A past life experience played out as if I were watching a movie. I knew my role in this life and how I passed. It was very clear and vivid. Forever etched into my memory. However, the overwhelming peace that followed was reassuring. The session flew by in just a short period of time. After the session I feel highly energized with an overwhelming amount of pure inner joy. This is honestly a very profound healing experience. I feel as if a thousand tons of baggage has been lifted from my being. Words alone cannot express this modality alone. The experience is much greater than I could have expected.

Jarrod Walters

Brilliant Light Energy Blooming with Divine Rejuvenations

I felt a lot of negative energy being released from my body. By the end of the session I felt very light and airy, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I could see my self doubt being sent down the drain and a beautiful energy, a brilliant light energy blooming from within.

Brianne Perez

Still Feeling the Peace with Divine Rejuvenations

When Divine Rejuvenations session started, I closed my eyes and I was taken back to Wales/Ireland riding a horse through the meadow wearing full armor. My dragon then entered the scene and we began to fly through the crystalling grid. This was suddenly replaced by a vision of my soul mate and the relationship didn’t work, breaking my heart. I told her she needed to go and not return but her soul could stay and she faded completely away. I was then surrounded by beautiful pink energy and a sense of calm peace overtook my being. I am normally not one to meditate with music but I would with this again. I can still feel the energy traveling up my arms and I still feel the peace.

Gary Hinebaugh

Feeling More Connected, Peaceful, and Centered

I am feeling more connected, more peaceful and more centered than anytime in my life. The feeling downloads in the Advanced DNA ThetaHealing class have opened things in me for new thoughts, opportunities and friends. I am deeply grateful and I am feeling a deeper sense of connection, lighter heart and more joyful this morning. I am thrilled to watch my future unfold. Thank you for your teachings Rajeev. I apreciate you and your gifts.

Laura Wolf

Very Grateful

I really enjoyed the Basic ThetaHealing course and I am excited to take the Advanced. With some things I have to see it to believe it and must say that not only did I see it, I felt it, and I sensed it! It was a wonderful experience! Saturday night after class a friend of mine from high school dad passed away and although I was upset by his death, I noticed that I was not getting all worked up, like I usually do. I contribute it to the healing work that we had done with my fear of what comes after death. I am very grateful for that! I am also grateful for the new knowledge that I have obtained by taking the course and the new friends that I have made! I find that I still struggle some, but with time, I know that the more I practice the easier it will become!

Annie H.

Thank You

After our session and the meditation you taught me, I started to change myself and avoided changing others. I started loving myself more and being stable and happy in every situation and moment of my life. I accepted them all and everyone with love. I have changed. I started to appreciate myself, avoided comparing, belittling myself in front of others and myself. I stopped hating myself, took criticism as information, took problems as a learning process and whenever I did anything I made sure the Creator is doing it all. The results were wonderful. The almighty Gods works through me. One major change in 32 years of my married life is that I experienced the Creator’s unconditional love and that’s the real love. To sum up, I changed and that too with the Creator’s help. Also I started loving and accepting my family and others for what they all are. Thanks a loooooot…really you are great great great. Pranam.

Sridevi ~ India

Special Kids

My son is a special child and had many challenges in his life. When I met Rajeev in Kochi, India, he was so compassionate about my problem. In just 2 sessions my son got a big relief. Rajeev identified the core issues very well – that his condition was due to toxicity in his body due to heavy metal poisoning. Now my son is on a very fast path towards recovery. Thank you so much Rajeev. You are amazing.


Rajeev has a very simple & humble personality, who connects to everyone easily. I was going through a lot in my life. I had a very stressful job, was unhappy in marriage, and had trauma in my personal life but he was very gentle in handling the issues and helped me to smile again in my life. An amazing person, who is very compassionate and understanding. Thank you so much.

S. N.

I came to Rajeev through a common reference. He has such deep understanding that in just 30-35 minutes, he identified my root cause of problem and helped me to release my blocks, which was a big relief. Now after 2 weeks I see myself as a new person. Thank you.

Monica ~ India

Amazing Recovery

I was in the hospital for almost 2 months in Delhi, India, suffering from mysterious symptoms, which my doctors could not identify. All my test results showed that everything was normal but I was very weak and my condition deteriorated one day. That’s when my father called Rajeev on the phone for help. He gave me healing session on the phone for 45-50 minutes for two days and I immediately noticed a big shift in my energy field. I was discharged from the hospital within 4 days after my healing sessions and I completely recovered from my condition. Rajeev is an amazing person with a great gift from God. Thank you.


Miracle Healing


I’m writing that I have more news with my health issues. The lab test –after 5 doses of iron sucrose it is became positive and high iron, but still in flag because I’m pregnant and this is normal! I’m happy to hear that, anyway.

Hematologist Dr made a Chromosome Breakage lab test –this result came back last week -negative –this means I dont have Fanconi anemia. So the question is still on Dr’s mind why I’m a anaemic from my birth??? I did not tell anything what the Creator did tell me. After attending Basic DNA class of yours & the work done regarding gene, I am now free from Sickle Cell problem. Thanks for everything.

Today I got another lab order which is about the Hematologist Dr wants to know more about my — chromosome crashes, so I need to go again next week, and also she ordered for me to meet a Genetic healthcare person to find out more about my gene (family history – I guess diseases looking for). I feel and think that is something has been started and this Hematologist doctor (indian woman) is very curious when I told her I am anaemic since I was born, so she is not stopping she wants to find out why am I anaemic, which is very good because if she finds out as you mentioned the sickle cell anaemia to me, if she finds out I still I have this or not it means ThetaHealing is working and you did a healing on me with this disease. When I asked the Creator regarding anemia, I got the answer– HEALED.

Tunde R.

I was recommended Rajeev through a colleague of mine who took ThetaHealing session from him got some major transformation in her life, mentally, emotionally and on her health. I was suffering from breast cancer and was very depressed in my life, though I have a wonderful family & great job as Chaplin, and I was looking for some alternative approach to get relief from my breast cancer as I did not want to go through Chemotherapy. As soon as Rajeev began talking, he explained that he uses a form of healing which comes straight from the Creator or Source. He scanned me energetically and found out something which was very personal and I have been hiding this pain for the last 26 years. He identified correctly that my heart is broken due to an incident happened when I was in my late teens. After the first ThetaHealing session given by him, I had a tremendous relief and the pain which I have been going through, subsided. I was extremely relaxed and felt very comfortable with the process. After the second session, I got my test done and to my surprise there was no trace of cancer. After few days he contacted me to ask how I was feeling. I felt great; the skin on my breast healed quickly and completely within days.

I am very very thankful to Rajeev who made me aware that when we sync our Energies with the Creator, we receive tremendous benefits. It is more than Eight months and I am now cancer free. I strongly recommend to you Rajeev Ahluwalia’s services.

Elanor S. ~ N.Y

I have known Rajeev Ahluwalia for many years and knew his intutive healing abilities have done wonders on many people’s lives but I was a little hesitant in asking him to do healing on me. When my headache and legs started giving me lot of trouble due to Varicose veins as I have to remain standing a lot being a registered nurse, I asked him if he could help me. Rajeev listened to me very carefully and then started digging in details of my life. He noticed that I had fear and anxiety since childhood. He gave ThetaHealing to me and in the first session my headache vanished and my fears melted away. I appeared for my exams and to my surprise the answers to the questions were flowing to me as if the creator is working with me. I have become more energetic, positive and life has become more peaceful and rewarding. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a wonderful gift. GOD BLESS YOU.

S. A. ~ Cleveland

Great Blessing

Hi Rajeev,
Here is what I have noticed

  1. A calmness that was not there before as well as a confidence.
  2. The pressure in my brow 3 rd eye area is gone and has not come back.
  3. The most drastic change has been a total revisioning of my job and I took the first steps yesterday in presenting my idea to my employer. I don’t know where it will go but it sure did feel freeing and life giving to make that first step.

Also with in the last week some opportunities arose at the retreat center where I do massage that could also really open up some great future opportunities.

Thank you Rajeev for helping me move past my sticking point. Blessings.


Feeling Relieved

As you remember from our session the feeling you kept getting from me was one of obligation. I knew that I often felt guilty about the past, but I had never really considered the feelings of obligation that I had about so many things in my life. Specifically towards my adult daughter. You kept asking if I wanted to change the feelings of obligation and replace them with my choice. Each time you asked I heard a voice inside saying, “but I don’t want to help her, I’m tired of helping her.”

In the days that followed our session I found myself using that word “obligation” for almost everything in my life that wasn’t working. It seemed that nearly everything I was dissatisfied with was because of my feelings of obligation towards someone or something. At that point I started the difficult work of letting the people and things in my life take care of themselves without my immediate involvement. I am finding that everything works itself out when I stand back and stop trying to save people or be the “yes man” to them.

Recently through a series of serendipitous events I have found the work of a spiritual guide whose ideas resonate with things I have believed about the world since I was a child. I’m looking forward to this next phase of my life.

Tami E.

Hi Rajeev,

Today I went back to see my hematologist and before that I was in the Lab few days ago to make/check my blood and iron. The result is that my hemoglobin is not low anymore –it is soo good after giving birth that never before!

I remember when I was in pain on labor day I did use ThetaHealing….suddenly the midwife came in and asked me that why is my pulse going up and down (showed me on the paper) I said dont know 🙂 but the truth is I knew it exactly why –because I used theta brainwave…Soooo I have got proof so the theta is working. I had an easy labor –a few days before I asked for 3 pushes then the baby is out and it happened just this way how I asked for it 🙂 How wonderful I’m feeling glad and now it is coming true. So, I have a good blood result –not anymore anaemic and also the labor was excellent and easy natural pathway. Thank you.

Tunde R.